Hello Kitty Hi-Tec-C gel pen

Note: I posted this originally on my Live Journal on March 1, 2009, so I’m hoping this will archive correctly since I want to use this blog for reviews.


I received an adorable pen from Jet Pens!

Hello Kitty Pilot Hi Tec C 7

The Pilot Hi-Tec-C reminds me of why I loved fine point pens for so many years. This particular pen is from the Hello Kitty Limited Edition set of pens. I ended up buying the whole set in the 0.4 mm point. The figurines are removable so can be placed on other Hi-Tec-C pens when the current pens run out.

hello Kitty Pilot Hi Tec C 8

I haven’t used many fine point pens very much these days mostly because my cursive has deteriorated due to working so much on the computer. I print a lot, but don’t really like my printing in fine point. In general, 0.5 mm and higher is my preference when I print. However, this particular pen glides very smoothly on both papers I sampled without a lot of drag or scratching, and encourages me to write more on paper just to enjoy how pleasing it feels.

Hello Kitty Pilot Hi Tec C 2

This particular pen is the 0.3 mm point in aqua blue. I love pens, and I especially love pens that aren’t the standard blue, black, and red. This pen will definitely make its way into my regular rotation when I’m at work or editing for Sequential Tart

Sylvan, my rat, looks on while I take pictures of the pen and the writing samples.