Success! eBooks syncing with Sony eReader PRS-600

In my first post about my Sony eReader PRS-600 Touch, I mentioned some problems I had syncing up some small press eBooks I purchased by Cindy Jacks. I also found I had some problems with syncing up free chapters of the book Heat Wave by fictional character, Richard Castle, from ABC’s Castle TV series.

Ellen, A commenter on my first post, asked about ebookstores that worked in Canada. In searching for solutions (I didn’t have a lot of luck), I found that looked interesting and I added it to my RSS feed. A thread came up talking about a new ebookstore that offered ePUB books. In checking it out, I saw the store was offering a free book. I love free! In order to get the book onto my Sony Touch, I had to install Adobe Digital Editions and use that library software to transfer to my Touch directly. Once I figured out I could add PDF and ePUB books to the Adobe Digital Editions library I had stored on my hard drive it struck me that I could use the same method to transfer my “trouble” books.

Sure enough, this worked! So the problem is with the Sony eBook Library and not the PRS-600 Touch. I’m very happy now that I can support more small press authors. I also was able to transfer some PDF versions of some technical communication magazines I’m subscribed to as well as various other reference material PDFs I created myself.

In other eReader news, I finished my first ebook, Charlaine Harris’s Dead Until Dark, the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. I look forward to reading more in the series.

Using the eReader PRS-600

Today was my first opportunity to read for a length of time. I must say that it was a pleasant experience. I started reading Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris during my lunch break.

It was easy to hold and change pages with my left hand. I could also set it flat on the table and read from there without any problems. Visibility was nice, text was crisp, spacing was good. There’s a slight flicker as it changes pages. This is not a detraction for me because there’s always some sort of interruption when turning a page of a paper book, and I had read about this in reviews of other eReaders, so knew what to expect. There is a bit more flicker when pages have graphics on them, like a digital comic.

I even got to take advantage of the notes feature as I got a great character idea for a story I plan to write, so I pressed the home button, took out my stylus, and hand wrote a quick note to myself, then went back to my book.

Fantastic! No more misplaced notes or forgetting my notebook or rummaging to find a pen. Just use my eReader.

Update on my eReader

Just a quick update regarding my review of the Sony eReader PRS-600 Touch Edition. One of the ebooks I was having a hard time transferring finally transferred (Wheaton’s Sunken Treasures), it just took a really long time. Still troubleshooting the other two books.