Beer Review: Blue Moon Grand Cru Limited Edition 2009 8.2% ABV

Originally handwritten on January 5, 2010 with a Pilot VPen F point with light blue ink in a Writer’s Bloc small notebook with dotted lines.

Blue Moon (owned by Miller, though Beer Advocate categorizes this as owned by Coors) is one of the beers I order when out and about. More and more restaurants and bars are carrying this even if their average brew is your Coors or Budweiser-type of beer. Of the Blue Moon varieties out there, I think Full Moon is my favorite. Tonight’s review is on the limited edition Grand Cru 2009.

This poured a hazy, light yellow-orange. Very light head with light lacing. Nose was a typical witbier with bouquet of yeast, citrus, and a little spice. I could taste the orange with faint spice. What makes this stand out head and shoulders above the typical Blue Moon fare was the very definite alcohol bite, as evidenced by the 8.2% ABV. Any warmth I got from this was without a doubt from the alcohol. This might put off a lot of drinkers, but not me. There was a bit of a bitter aftertaste but fortunately it dissolved quickly into the typical witbier I so like.

Beer advocate reviewers gave it a B- (worthy). I’m going to give it an A- or 4.25 mugs.

Beer Review: Bell’s Third Coast Ale 10.2% ABV

Originally handwritten January 3, 2010 with my beautiful yellow Pilot Vanishing Point F nib with Diamine Majestic Blue ink.

Coming back to Bell’s Brewery, this time I tried their seasonal (November to April) brew, Third Coast Ale.

This beer pours a cloudy reddish brown color. I am a big fan of unfiltered beers, so I’m already anticipating that I’ll like this beer. There was a thin head but there was decent lacing down the glass as I drank it. There are flecks of sediment suspended throughout.

The nose is a little sweet. There’s a thick mouthfeel to this beer, and I get a strong hoppy/bitter character to it, but it recedes quickly. It doesn’t have the strong alcohol taste as DFH World Wide Stout or Fort (does anything?), but there’s a definite warmth here.

Beer Advocate reviewers gave this an A- (very good). I found this beer quite tasty and would love to drink more of it in the future. Bell’s consistently makes good beer. I’m giving it an A or 4.5 mugs.

Beer Review: Rogue Chocolate Stout 6.0% ABV

Originally handwritten January 2, 2010

Rogue is another of my favorite breweries. This time I gave their Chocolate Stout a try.

This beer pours thick and dark with a brown head that retains some bubbles and lacing. Something that is fun about developing a stout palate is whenever I pour one, it’s always very pretty to watch.

This is a strong tasting beer. I don’t detect any chocolate (boo), but neither do I taste coffee, which is always a danger with stouts. While the beer tastes good, it does have a strong aftertaste that will take some getting used to.

Beer Advocate reviewers give this an A (outstanding), while the brothers give it an A+ (world class). For now, I’m giving it a B+ or 4 mugs. I will likely try this beer again as my palate develops.