Beer Review: Brouwerij Huyghe Floris Wit-Blanche 5% ABV

Written originally by hand on November 21, 2009, using my Pilot Lucina medium nib fountain pen in Doane Paper utility notebook

Floris Wit-Blanche from Brouwerij Huyghe comes with a pretty label. It has a light yellow color similar to Hoegaarden. This is an unfiltered beer with visible yeast floating throughout. I didn’t read the bottle that said to pour carefully, but in general, I like to pour my unfiltered beers as they are as I like them precisely for their cloudy appearance. However, I mention the visible yeast so it doesn’t alarm anyone when trying this beer: the floaters are intentional!

Taste was similar to Hoegaarden, with notes of citrus and spices. It wasn’t very carbonated, head wasn’t remarkable, and there wasn’t really any lacing on my glass. I don’t know how these contribute to a beer other than appearance, but I am including it.

I found this beer to be delicious, light, and refreshing, with no trace of bitterness or alcohol–just smooth and tasty. I would love to drink this beer again. I haven’t found it again on repeat trips to Total Wine, but I look for it each time I shop.

Beer Advocate reviewers rated this at B (good). I’m rating it a little higher at an A- or 4.25 mugs.